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Humans have destroyed nearly 70% of the worlds primary rainforest. And it is this that is causing the "natural buffer zone" to prevent climate change quickly disappear, which is the main factor contributing to the increased emissions, causing the Earth to warm up, and natural disasters. , floods, flash floods, climate change ... seriously affect people and creatures all over the planet...LeIoi Exim Global Co., LTD was established, carrying with it a great Slogan: “Change your mind – Change the world” With the desire to keep the earth green, Leloi Global only provides products made from planted forest wood, with the right planning and exploitation under the permission of the government (FSC). Together with us, we can change our thinking and act together to keep our beloved earth green.
Applied products are manufactured on modern technological lines. Lets see beautiful photos from daily labor and production activities
MDF Factory
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PLywood Pictures
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Particle Board
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Finger Joint board
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Production of pallets
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LVL Plywood
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OSB Board
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Furniture Parts
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Bamboo poles
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ETIC and SEFB join forces for the benefit of the European Timber Industry

The ranks of ETIC, the new European Timber Industries Confederation, are widening with the membership of SEFB, the French Organisation of Forest Operators, an independent and responsible professional Organisation which today represents - with a cumulative Pre-tax turnover of 340 million € and the annual mobilisation of more than 5,200,000 m3 - the vast majority of French forest operators

16:25 04/09/21 trong SPECIALIZED NEWS
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US homebuilding stumbles amid supply constraints

US homebuilding fell more than expected in July, the latest sign that surging construction costs and home prices continued to constrain the housing market early in the third quarter of the year

16:22 04/09/21 trong SPECIALIZED NEWS
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Business climate in the German wood industry slightly clouded

The mood in companies in the German wood industry clouded over slightly in August. The assessment of the current situation improved to +45.6 points (previous month: +43.2 points). However, the outlook for the next 6 months was more pessimistic

16:29 04/09/21 trong SPECIALIZED NEWS
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Things should have known about Rubberwood

Vietnam ranked third globally in natural rubberwood export, with over 80% of rubberwood production is exported. Therefore, this is considered as a strong industry of Vietnam. Rubber is grown in the Southeast accounts for 71% of the country’s production, and concentrated in Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, and Tay Ninh.

Nguyễn Thị Hồng
Hồng NT
10:04 20/05/21 trong SPECIALIZED NEWS
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North America: Supply-demand balance achieved as lumber prices seem to hit bottom

While there were some North American construction framing dimension softwood lumber prices that continued to drop for the week ending August 20, several prices were flat while others actually popped up

16:33 04/09/21 trong SPECIALIZED NEWS
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All you need to know about Acacia

Acacia belongs to the genus Acacia (scientific name: Acacia) is a genus of some species of shrubs and woody plants native to the ancient mainland of Gondwana, belongs to the subfamily Virgin (Mimosoideae) belongs to the Bean family (Fabaceae), first described by Linnaeus in 1773 in Africa. Today, there are about 1300 species of Acacia trees worldwide, of which about 950 species are native to Australia, and the rest are common in dry areas of the tropics and warm temperate climate in both hemispheres, including Africa, southern Asia, Americas. However, the genus Acacia does not appear to be monophyletic. This discovery led to the division of Acacia into 5 new genera.

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Hồng NT
10:05 20/05/21 trong SPECIALIZED NEWS
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Lumber prices head higher in US

Lumber prices are on the rise again as supply tightens, residential construction projects pick up, and the U.S. prepares to double a tariff on Canadian softwood.

22:03 14/11/21 trong SPECIALIZED NEWS
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Eucalyptus general information and application

Eucalyptus is known as one of the tallest plant species on earth with more than 700 different species. Trees are native to Australia, and their habitats are mainly in tropical and subtropical regions of the region. However, today we can come across eucalyptus all over the world, the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean region, the Middle East, China, the Indian peninsula and even in Vietnam.

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Hồng NT
10:06 20/05/21 trong SPECIALIZED NEWS
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Ikea anticipates price increases

Ikea is anticipating price increases following the report of their FY2021 financial results ended 31 August 2021.

22:07 14/11/21 trong SPECIALIZED NEWS
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Rubberwood/ Hevea general information and application

The rubber tree is also known as Pará rubber tree, scientifically named Hevea brasiliensis, is native to the Amazon region and grows around the world. However, rubber trees are mostly grown in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, rubber trees are planted into industrial forests with an area of hundreds of thousands of hectares and concentrated mainly in Southern Vietnam, accounting for 71% of the country’s rubber plantation area. Rubber trees can be harvested for latex from the 5th year onwards.

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10:07 20/05/21 trong SPECIALIZED NEWS
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Tally Express reaches the 1 million Bundle measurement mark

TallyExpress, the app that captures hardwood end tallies in seconds by taking pictures with an Android smartphone, uses computer vision technology to measure each board in a bundle

22:09 14/11/21 trong SPECIALIZED NEWS
22:09 14/11/21 430 views
Sapele general information and application

The tree is native to tropical Africa, the name Sapele comes from that of the city of Sapele in Nigeria. This is a deciduous tree and hardwood, not softwood as many people think. This species has appeared in Vietnam for a long time, mainly growing in the northern mountainous areas or highlands. They grow on flat terrain to places that are 600 meters above sea level. The species grows to a height of up to 45 meters (rarely 60 meters). Sapele matures after 10 – 12 years. If it is grown for industrial purposes, it can be exploited in the 6 – 8 years.

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Hồng NT
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